55 quotes in IMDb, thanks! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0859163/quotes/?tab=qt&ref_=tt_trv_qu Part of the intro is in IMDb. Here is the full narrative. P1 of 2: Long ago, a mythic battle between good and evil played out in ancient China. The country was torn by civil war, with many kingdoms struggling for land and power. But one king had a ruthless ambition to make himself emperor by the sword. ... The other rulers hired assassins to kill the King before he could conquer them all. ... Kingdom by kingdom, his army swept away everything in its path, and anyone who resisted met a terrible fate. The country was his. He was now Emperor of All Under Heaven. He enslaved his conquered enemies and forced them to build his Great Wall. When they were dead or useless, he had them buried beneath it. The Emperor's mystics taught him mastery over the five elements, fire, water, earth, wood and metal. His power seemed without limit.