Part of the intro is in IMDb. Here is the full narrative. P1 of 2: He was master of millions, but like the lowliest peasant, he could not stop growing old. ... I have too much to do for one lifetime. He needed to defeat his last enemy, death itself. One day, news came of a powerful witch who was rumored to know the secret to eternal life. He ordered General Ming, his oldest friend and trusted ally, to find her. The witch was named Zi Yuan, and she was nothing like the General expected. ... I do not possess the secret of immortality, my Lord... ...but I know where to find it. ... General... No man is to touch her. She is mine. ... On the western border stood the Monastery of Turfan. There was housed the greatest library in the ancient world, and Zi Yuan was sure the secret to eternal life was here. This is a key. It was the long lost oracle bones, a collection of all the mystical secrets of the ancient world. The Emperor's answer was here along with other magic beyond imagining.