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Record Breaker

Stevenson, Robin
Book, 2013

J-PB Steve

Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record

Barrows, Annie
Book, 2007

J FIC Barro

Guinness World Records Science & Stuff

Volume 1

Book, 2018

J 500 Gui

Best & Buzzworthy 2017

O'Brien, Cynthia
Book, 2016

J 031.02 OBr

Natural History Museum Book of Animal Records

Carwardine, Mark
Book, 2013

590 Car

Weirdest and Wackiest World Records

From the Absolutely Bizarre to the Downright Shocking

Book, 2012

031.02 Wei

Record-breaking Buildings

Gilpin, Daniel
Book, 2012

J 720 Gil

The Recordsetter Book of World Records

Rollman, Dan
Book, 2011

031.02 Rol

Record Breakers

Gilpin, Daniel
Book, 2011

J 629.046 Gil

Atlas of Firsts

Gifford, Clive
Book, 2009

J 031 Gif

The King of Kong

A Fistful of Quarters

DVD, 2007

DVD 794.822 Kin

More Canada Firsts

Conacher, Duff
Book, 1999

971 Con

The Top 10 of Everything

Book, 1990-

031.02 Top

Getting Into Guinness

One Man's Longest, Fastest, Highest Journey Inside the World's Most Famous Record Book

Olmsted, Larry
Book, 2008

001.9 Olm

Ludo et le record du monde

Bergeron, Alain M.
Book, 2018

JE French Berge

Almost A Winner

Burnham, Molly B.
Book, 2017

J FIC Burnh

Almost A World Record Breaker

Burnham, Molly B.
Book, 2016

J FIC Burnh


DVD, 1393 2014 or 2015

Farsi DVD FIC Ginis

Guinness World Records

Spanish Edition

Book, 2015-

Spanish 031.02 Gui

The Giant Yo-yo Mystery

Warner, Gertrude Chandler
Streaming Audiobook, 2014

The Fantastic Family Whipple

Ward, Matthew
Book, 2013

J FIC Ward

Exploits fantastiques, records absurdes

les plus bizarres et les plus farfelus du monde entier!

Phillips, Adam
Book, 2011

J French 031.02 Phi

Mr. Tony Is Full of Baloney!

Gutman, Dan
eBook, 2010

Mr. Tony Is Full of Baloney!

Gutman, Dan
eBook, 2010


Palahniuk, Chuck
Streaming Audiobook, 2008
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