Sep 25, 2020The_Most_Casual_Observer rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
📆 So I watched this over Zoom with my colleagues Baba_Looey and NioNoire, my retired friend ManlyMachinist, and his serious slacker partners Jimmie Beam and Jack Daniels. Here are some of our comments. ◆◆◆ (*Movie quote*): "Marty, whatever you do, DON'T go to 2020!" ◆◆◆ "Spanning the years from 1985-1990, this trilogy had its share of good moments, and not-so-good moments too." ◆◆◆ "In spite of its flaws and faults, I found Back to the Future to be a fun and exciting romp (for the most part)." ◆◆◆ "If you are willing to cut this 80s trilogy some serious slack, I'm seriously certain you'll get some serious entertainment value out of watching Back to the Future (for the most part)." ◆◆◆ "I mean - Let's face it - Biff, Griff, and Mad Dog Tannen all fall in a pile of m*n*re at some point. Now how likely is that? It's like it was fated to happen!"