Apr 03, 2019
As is probably well-known by now, Hitchcock would allow NO ONE into the theater after the film started. That was because he did the classic misdirect to lull the audience into think they were going to see the old NORTH BY NORTHWEST chase thriller: Young Woman ( Big Name Movie Star) has stolen money and is now on the run. Will she get away? All of a sudden, twenty minutes into the movie POW! She's Brutally Murdered! WHAT THE H%%# IS GOING ON? You, the viewer, have just had the props knocked out from under you and now you have NO IDEA what's going to happen next! The infamous shower scene still has the power to make you cringe - Janet Leigh makes you feel each and every one of those stabs pound into her body. She accomplishes what most victims in today's slashers cannot - she makes you feel pain and she makes you cry. And Anthony Perkins creates the Little Boy Who Never Quite Grew Up. ENJOY!