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LPL_KevinC made a comment Jul 19 2021
"This is as unhinged as American Psycho; the Joker before Joker. Joaquin and Christian wish they could play a character so detached from reality that has a complicated relationship with women. A simple change in the soundtrack would truly show off ..." Permalink
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LPL_KevinC made a comment Jun 21 2021


DVD - 2010
"My biggest complaint about Species is I felt like they didn't pull out all the stops, and my biggest complaint about Species II is I felt like that they pulled out all the stops. Somewhere in between the two there's a sexy, alien thriller that doe..." Permalink
LPL_KevinC made a comment May 24 2021


DVD - 2007
"The bar scene is one of the finest achievements in cinema. If there was a single note I'd offer Joe Dante it would simply be to have the gremlins smoking even more cigarettes at the same time." Permalink
LPL_KevinC rated a title May 10 2021

Mortal Kombat

Blu-ray Disc - 2011
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