How You Were Born
How You Were Born By Cole, Joanna Book - 1993 | Revised and expanded edition --.

One of the nicest things about How You Were Born is that it is very inclusive. Births happen at a hospital, childbirth center or home, assisted by a doctor or midwife; milk comes from a bottle or breast. Not everyone's experience can be covered, of course, nor is that necessary--in the introduction, Cole talks about reading the book to her own child and comparing her cesarean birth to what's described in it, stressing that the important parts of birth--the happy expectations and love--are the same. In describing more than one option for childbirth in this book, Cole avoids setting up a rigid scenario in children's minds, making it possible for most parents to adapt the book to their situation. The helpful introduction also gives suggestions for adapting it to a child's different needs at different ages. One thing left out of the book is how the sperm and ovum get together: according to Cole, the youngest children aren't usually interested in knowing, but parents should still think about how they want to answer that question. A bibliography of suggestions for further reading may be helpful.

Overall, this is a superb book, as enjoyable as it is useful. Sharing it with your children can help make answering "why?" a delightful adventure rather than an embarrassing chore. * (4-8)


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