The Troop
The Troop By Cutter, Nick Book - 2014 | First Gallery Books export edition.

This book is about a scout troop that encounters worm like creatures that nest in human stomachs. Probably inspired by Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, it goes heavy on the gore and gross out descriptions. Cutter has intercut news articles and government documents with his narratives to give the reader a sense of reality in every book of his I've read, and that continues here. It's a technique that grounds the sci fi and horror in reality in order to help the reader suspend their disbelief. And mostly it works, however, you could probably skip those interludes and still experience the story in full. Stephen King has recommended this book and Cutter's Little Heaven. I personally recommend Little Heaven over this. Maybe it was just because I didn't find the Boy Scout characters all that interesting.

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