Ratatouille Blu-ray Disc - 2007 | Blu-ray version.

Ratatouille is a movie about a rat who wants to become a chef. Now a rat and a chef, those two things don’t really go together, but if we look closer we can see that it is a story of how we can do whatever we dream of doing. Remy the rat leaves his rat family in hopes of becoming a chef. He finds a worker named Alfredo Linguini at the most famous restaurant in France, and becomes friends with him. He hides underneath Alfredo’s hat and controls what he cooks. Soon everyone learns that the rat is behind the delicious dishes Alfredo is making! However, instead of showing their appreciation, they are absolutely disgusted and angry. Suddenly Remy is getting death threats because of how unsanitary it is for a rat to work in a restaurant. The story gets really ugly with many ups, and downs, and plot twists. Remy teaches us about persuasion, trying hard, and never giving up. I highly recommend this movie for all ages due to the amazing story it had!

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