Concrete Rose
Concrete Rose By Thomas, Angie Book - 2021 | First edition.

I’m deeply inspired by this prequel to The Hate U Give. While Starr owned the spotlight in the first book, Concrete Rose follows her father, Maverick, through his life before becoming a parent. Between school, teenage parenthood, and struggling to financially provide for his child, Maverick leads a hard life, made worse when someone kills his cousin Dre. Maverick’s dynamic character is both heart wrenching and heartwarming, only improving and developing the amazing plot. With valuable and loaded lines akin to mic-drops, Angie Thomas continues to awe me and keep me reading her books. Since Concrete Rose is the prequel, I suggest reading The Hate U Give (and I recommend that novel to anybody who’s anybody) before indulging yourself with Concrete Rose. I can confirm- reading these novels is not something you will regret.

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