I was giving this a try, as it does touch on a subject that effects many...alcohol addiction and the struggle to get away from it. This film spent much of the time going back and forth, from addiction group and the 12 step process, back to pre-accident, and his eventual notoriety of his art work.
I was again impressed with the acting by Joaquin Phoenix, and even impressed by Jonah Hill's serious performance, of which was a departure from other characters I had seen him in. I was also liking Rooney Mara, however this girlfriend relationship did not feel real to me.
This is based upon the book by John Callahan and has partial writing credit for the film, along with director Gus Van Sant.
As much as it touched on an important issue, I found myself skipping ahead through this film, and stopping every-once-in-awhile. Found the main characters not that interesting, nor even cared for or liked them. Whether this is the person's themselves, the writing, or perhaps that is partly the fault of the director.
No extras on this DVD.

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