Faces places
Faces places DVD - 2018 | French

I have two combine harvesters, a rotary harrow, a plow, a stubble cultivator, a planter, a roller compactor, a canadian.
-So, do not you have to do anything?
Actually, I consider myself a stroller on a tractor.
-What has changed in the profession? Has it been for better or for worse?
Eh ... We've become asocial, of course. Because before, in a farm of 200 hectares you hired ... at least 3 or 4 people. And today... Then, 800 hectares. And today, I am alone and cultivate 800 hectares, alone.
-But he likes to be alone?
I like to be alone
He is an old friend of yours?
-Do not say "old friend". Say "lifelong friend". It is more respectful with older people even when... I have seen him very little since those years when we were friends.
How many women drive trucks?
-In my company, I am the only one. There must be 80 drivers at this time.

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