King's Cage
King's Cage By Aveyard, Victoria Book - 2017 | First edition.

"The two Guardsmen flanking the door to central control step back before I even finish my usual lie. Both look away, avoiding my gaze, and I feel my face burn with an ashamed flush. Newbloods scare people as much as Silvers do, if not more so. Reds with abilities are just as unpredictable, just as powerful, just as dangerous in their eyes. After we first got here and more soldiers arrived, the whispers about me and the others spread like disease. 'The old woman can change her face.' 'The twitchy one can surround you with illusions.' 'The techie girl can kill you with thought alone.' It feels terrible to be feared. And worst of all, I can't blame anyone for it." -Cameron

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