Rating: 5/5 This story is a very original and interesting concept. The main character, Petula is haunted by the death of her beloved sister after her sister dies by choking on a button that Petula sewed for her. She is afraid of everything and is isolated due to her anxiety. In a support group, she meets a boy that has a darkness beneath his happy exterior. As she learns to move on from her trauma, she realizes that the boy she thought she knew has secrets of his own. This story shows that one stupid decision can affect the course of your life. At times, I was angry at the characters for not being forgiving of people's mistakes.
@sunsetzuzu of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Incredible! I was amazed at how this story engaged me so well, I couldn’t put the book down! It was as though I was living inside of the book and experiencing the troubles Petula, the main character, was going through. I have developed a love of realist young adult books but each time I read a book like this one, it always takes me by surprise the diction the author uses and the way they engage the reader. After Petula goes through a family tragedy, she begins to see the world as a terrible and dangerous place full of disease and harm. This all slowly begins to change after a boy shows up to her school and is involved with an art therapy with Petula. Following this exciting journey and showing the evolution of Petula will change how you see the characters and learn what one secret can do in a relationship. I would highly recommend this fantastic book to teenagers and fans of romance novels and you will quickly learn why once you begin to read the book! I would give this book a rating of 4 out of 5.
- @booklover327 of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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