Monster High
Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! DVD - 2014

well it's a good thing that i got time to watch this movie so far so good i guess cause school just started a few weeks ago i have time to watch and i don't have too much homework so that's good but i still wish i could have watched it over the summer cause i would have had more time to watch this movie of monster high .i am now getting closer to the middle of the movie but i'm still at the begining but i still need time to do school homework so i have to watch it a little bit after school and than do my homework it's not like in the summer you can watch movies everyday that you had a lot of time you have school and homework and all sorts of other stuff school dances and besides that the Halloween dance is coming up in october aswell it is on october 30 on a Thursday 2014 at night time ends at 9 the dance well i did get to finish it before returning it

oct 1 2014

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