Make Something up
Make Something up Stories You Can't Unread By Palahniuk, Chuck Book - 2015

I stopped reading Palahniuk around the time Pygmy came out. I was a big fan of Fight Club and when I heard there was a story that featured Tyler Durden in this collection I had to read it. It is a welcome addition to the Durden legacy. I found the story compelling and we learn that Durden may be much more than the inner/darker self of the narrator in Fight Club. But with every pro there is always a con. Without giving too much away, the story bordered on the supernatural. It also wasn't necessarily contemporary. I don't think Durden should dwell in those waters. He is a modern enemy of consumerism and selfishness. Fight Club was written in 1996. We have only become more materialistic since then. I would like to see what Tyler and his Space Monkeys think of our lives which are shackled to our black mirror smartphones and tablets, where satisfaction is only a finger-swipe away.

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