Make Something up
Make Something up Stories You Can't Unread By Palahniuk, Chuck Book - 2015

Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors but most of his latest novels haven't caught my attention as much as this collection of short stories. Palahniuk was trained in the art of telling a story with an economy of words, and this shines in some of his best work (Rant, Lullaby, Survivior) and his short stories.
Short story writing is sort of a lost art, sort of the opposite of the music industry. There are less opportunities to publish short stories in periodicals while singles top albums in the downloadable/streaming music world. Thankfully some authors like Palahniuk (and Stephen King for that matter) continue to bless us with short stories.
In this collection we a get a Palahniuk story in the style of Sedaris, "How a Jew saved Christmas," a spin on "One Flew over the Cukoo's Nest," for the modern era in "Inclinations," and a Lovecraftian tale about the nature of Tyler Durden in "Expedition." There are also gems written in Palahniuk's unique style showing much background research and knowledge such as "Tunnel of Love." A great read for summer when you want something easy to pick up and put down. — Ian S., Communication

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