The Collector
The Collector Blu-ray Disc - 2011 | Blu-ray version.

Based on John Fowles's novel, which you should definitely read, this 1965 film prefigures "Misery" and "The Silence of the Lambs," as well as any number of stalker films. A fresh-faced Terence Stamp plays a lonely, but disturbed man who takes a pretty art student hostage (Samantha Eggar) in hopes that she'll fall in love with him. Much of the action takes place in his house and Stamp and Eggar are in nearly every scene, which gives it a little of a play feel. Stamp, whose character is something of the flipside of the innocent, naive Billy Budd, manages to be both creepy and, if not sympathetic, pitiable, while Eggar is equally good. Veteran Hollywood director William Wyler ("Roman Holiday," "Ben-Hur") keeps it tense and unsettling until the very end. Score by Maurice Jarre.

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