The Magus
The Magus A Revised Version By Fowles, John Book - 2001 | Revised edition, first Back Bay paperback edition.

While working on an isolated Greek island, a self-absorbed Englishman named Nicholas Urfe befriends Maurice Conchis, a peculiar old millionaire who claims to possess mysterious psychic powers. Their unlikely friendship eventually evolves into a deadly psychological game of erotic illusions which causes Nicholas to question his beliefs, and eventually his own sanity. Fowles' artistic prose is excellent and his skillful manipulation of ancient symbolism only adds to the intellectual drama in this classic 1960's era smart psychological thriller. The book is layered with many clever meanings, but at its core there is a story about how Nicholas must grow from being a self-absorbed wandering playboy into a mature man who accepts the messy complications of a grown-up world.

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