Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up for Cecil B. DeMille's spectacular, Technicolor, circus-show extravaganza!

Yes, folks! It's all here under the big top! We got - Inflated egos! And Thrills! And Chills! And surprises galore! And after the show's all over there's even a really swell train wreck to entertain you, that, literally, beats the band!

I have to tell ya - This film truly is "The Greatest Show On Earth". This is the best 2 hours and 30 minutes I've spent, watching a picture, in a mighty long time.

Even though it's over 60 years old, this is some of the best movie-entertainment that you're likely to come across. No matter how jaded you are, I guarantee it, you're sure to enjoy "The Greatest Show On Earth".

So.... Come one! Come all!

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