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The #1 New York Times bestselling sequel to Words of Radiance , from epic fantasy author Brandon Sanderson at the top of his game.

In Oathbringer , the third volume of the New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive, humanity faces a new Desolation with the return of the Voidbringers, a foe with numbers as great as their thirst for vengeance.

Dalinar Kholin's Alethi armies won a fleeting victory at a terrible cost: The enemy Parshendi summoned the violent Everstorm, which now sweeps the world with destruction, and in its passing awakens the once peaceful and subservient parshmen to the horror of their millennia-long enslavement by humans. While on a desperate flight to warn his family of the threat, Kaladin Stormblessed must come to grips with the fact that the newly kindled anger of the parshmen may be wholly justified.

Nestled in the mountains high above the storms, in the tower city of Urithiru, Shallan Davar investigates the wonders of the ancient stronghold of the Knights Radiant and unearths dark secrets lurking in its depths. And Dalinar realizes that his holy mission to unite his homeland of Alethkar was too narrow in scope. Unless all the nations of Roshar can put aside Dalinar's blood-soaked past and stand together--and unless Dalinar himself can confront that past--even the restoration of the Knights Radiant will not prevent the end of civilization.

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Publisher: New York : Tor Fantasy, a Tom Doherty Associates Book, 2017.
Edition: First edition.
ISBN: 9780765326379
Branch Call Number: FIC Sande
Characteristics: 1243 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm.


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Jan 31, 2019

I enjoyed reading this. Dalinar is still the best and my favourite character.

The plot was great although I didn't really like the Shadesmar part. Also Shallan was way too crazy. Literally. I'm glad he spent a lot of time on her part, though, because it seems she is getting better.

This just makes me want to keep reading but the next one's not coming out for years :(

Sep 19, 2018

Consider reading Edgedancer first. This is Stormlight series book 2.5. Brandon recommends reading this before you read Oathbringer.

Here is a link to Brandon's notes on this book

Aug 17, 2018

Absolutely wonderful book! A very worthy addition to the Starlight Archive. The backstory of Dalinar is captivating, and the struggles Shallan faces are very real. A book that is fun, thought-provoking, and impossible to put down!

Apr 30, 2018

Brandon Sanderson does it again! Far surpassing expectations with a surprise ending that beautifully completes this book and sets up the rest of the series.

Apr 07, 2018

Great book. The author Brandon Sanderson uses both current and past events to weave an interesting tale, one that doesn't stop until the last page.

Apr 02, 2018

An excellent addition to the Stormlight Archive! This book picks up right where the last one left off and holds onto the reader for all of its 1200+ pages. A drawback is that, due to its length, readers will want to clear their schedules for several days before reading. This one exploited "safehands" being shown quite a bit more than the last two, as well as adding more romance that I think it could do without, or it being written differently could have made it better. I love how human the characters are, with realistic (for fantasy) struggles and shortcomings. I also love how Sanderson writes the backstory of one character in each book, making that backstory relevant to the story, instead of devoting the first book entirely to the backstory of the many main characters.

Mar 26, 2018

The third book in the Stormlight archive, and I agree with the other reviews: This is the best book so far. For a 1200+ page book, Oathbringer was difficult to put down. We finally learn how Dalinar's 'curse' was imparted, and what really happened to his wife. We get a glimpse of the end goal of The Diagram, and learn a great deal more about early human activity on Roshar. Relatedly, the truth about the voidbringers is revealed, and it changes the entire course of the story. What I liked most about this entry was how so many of the characters deal with their various mental health disorders. Kaladin and depression, Teft and addiction, Shallan and bipolarism, even Dalinar with rage, alcoholism and extreme grief. The characters in this series feel far more realistic than your typical Sword and Sorcery fantasy epic. I also enjoyed Sanderson's expressions of flawed societies and the cycle of oppression, revolution and restoration. If you've read the Mistborn series, you'll recognize a similarity between the Skaa in that series and the Parshmen here. Odium and Cultivation make direct appearances, and we get a hint at what Honor's final weapon against Odium was. We also meet two characters from Warbreaker. Even Hoid makes more of an appearance than usual. The worst thing about this book is having to wait for the entry in the series.

Feb 18, 2018

The best book in the Stormlight Archive yet! not one page in this 1200 page book was wasted.
would highly recommend.

Jan 21, 2018

The best Sanderson has yet produced.

Jan 21, 2018

Once again, Sanderson wows us with the continuation of his epic Stormlight series.

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