The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

Book - 2017
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In a mere few months during the 2016 presidential campaign, the accomplished and poised former Senator and Secretary of State was turned into something unrecognizable. Hillary was 'flawed.' 'Historically unpopular.' 'Untrustworthy.' Not 'available' enough to the media or 'the people.' We heard it - and more - from our neighbours overseas, on social media, in our offices and our houses. What happened? In a week-by-week narrative of the campaign year - from the primaries through election day - Bordo deconstructs the various forces that contributed to Hillary Clinton's political destruction.
Publisher: Brooklyn : Melville House, [2017]
ISBN: 9781612196633
Branch Call Number: 324.9730905 Bor
Characteristics: 244 pages ; 24 cm


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Jul 06, 2017

The author makes a number of excellent and salient points regarding women's treatment in the media, and in positions of public scrutiny before delving into the numerous reasons for Clinton's defeat. It's a disheartening look at the role of media and politics in her downfall, and is extensively sourced.

While the viewpoint of the author is clearly in favor of Clinton, her arguments are sound, her fact-finding extensive, and her sources solid. I may not agree with every statement in the book, but the assertions should be seriously considered.

May 19, 2017

Hillary was widely favoured but lost the presidential election because of "sexism, partisan politics and media madness". The feminist author Susan Bordo explains, "the Hillary Clinton who was "defeated" in the 2016 election was, indeed, not a real person at all, but a caricature forged out of the stew of unexamined sexism, unprincipled partisanship, irresponsible politics and a mass media too absorbed in "optics" to pay enough attention to separating facts from rumors, lies, and speculation." (p30) A perfect storm turned the public, especially the 5 million who previously voted for Obama, against Hillary. There were, indeed, many who were against Hillary, the right wing (Donald Trump), the left wing (Bernie Sanders) and the FBI director James Comey. A litany of grievous charges against Hillary gained momentum to the end, for example Bernie Sanders calling her the "establishment" and the lesser of two evils. (p 78-92) This book is a rich roundup of name calling against Hillary and why they stuck. One view cannot be the whole story, nor do I believe every word but I felt the author's emotions and give the book a strong recommendation.

May 15, 2017

pure garbage.
this author has drank so much of the Clinton Kool-aid that she now has diabetes.
the media gives us fake news and this author gives us a fake book.

Apr 25, 2017

poor poor hillary clinton! This book is completely disconnected from the reality of why the most despised and hated politician of our times lost her election to an orange muppet. It was because of a right wing conspiracy? How about it was because she's a hideously corrupt criminal? Poor poor hillary!

Apr 22, 2017

First, Star Gladiator's comment is not a review of the book, which the reviewer obviously hasn't read. Secondly, not one of the statements in this rant is true.

Just for starters, President Clinton's "extraordinary rendition" program only applied to those who were already wanted for a crime in a foreign country, complied with the UN Convention Against Torture by not sending suspects to countries that engaged in torture, and were aimed at disrupting terrorist activities, not at interrogation. It bore absolutely no resemblance to the abominable rendition program engaged in by the Bush/Cheney administration. But this reviewer would like you to think they were the same thing. His other accusations are similar disinformation and misinformation.

In fact, this review is a perfect example of the well-organized, well-financed, and relentless smear campaign that has been waged against Mrs. Clinton since her days in Arkansas and which this excellent book was written to expose. Pizzagate, anyone?

Mar 04, 2017

Star Gladiator: Maybe you should actually read the book before commenting.

Mar 04, 2017

Oh. . . my . . . God!
// How did an extraordinarily well-qualified, experienced, and admired candidate . . \\
Admired for her and Bill's adoption of the Extraordinary Rendition Program in 1995 to kidnap pro-democracy Muslim activists back to Egypt and Libya for torture and death?
For those leaked speeches to Wall Street banksters promising to // destroy workers' rights \\ ?
For her support of // the gold standard \\ in so-called free trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
For her support of the military coup in Honduras, which has led to endless suffering and human rights abuses?
For her support for the coup in Ukraine, costing $5 billion, and ending up in needless suffering and deaths there [what idiots in the State Department, CIA and the Pentagon actually believed Russia would allow Crimea to get out of their strategic sphere? As if the US would give up the coastline of California or Florida and the Keys?]
For her team's illegal undermining of the campaign of Bernie Sanders?
Oh, why go on . . .
Suffice to say, had there actually been a Real Left left in America, no rightwing // populist \\ would now be in the White House!

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