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While Korea is occupied by the Japanese Army in 1933, the resistance plans to kill the Japanese Commander. But their plan is threatened by a traitor within their group and also the enemies' forces are hunting them down.
Audience: MPAA rating: Not rated.
Copyright Date: ℗2015
Branch Call Number: Blu-ray FIC Assas
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (139 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
DVD video,4 3/4 in.
digital,optical,5.1 surround,stereo,Dolby digital
widescreen (1.78:1)
video file,DVD video,region 1
Alternative Title: Amsal.
Language Note: In Korean, with optional subtitles in English.


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Apr 20, 2017

Ahn Okyun! Sniper, 3rd Unit, Korean Independence Army. Jailed for shooting her superior officer, but they'll hand her over. Duk-sam! Leared explosives from the Hungarians but was caught and jailed for selling substandard products. This is Chu Sang-ok. Also called Big Gun. A bit lazy, but he trained at the Military School for Independence.
Today... I was almost killed myself!
- Would that be so wrong?
-Japan conquered us without even a fight. Don't we deserve better? We were just handed over. By someone like you.
May I ask your name?
- Why do you want to know?
It'd be a shame to leave without learning my wife's name.
Can we meet again?
-Of course. We're husband and wife there. Even if I don't know your name.
My name is.. Ahn Okyun.

Apr 20, 2017

Weren't we meeting at 10am?
-You know the saying. A smart rabbit digs three tunnels.
Did you do martial arts?
Tennis... Tennis... That's a martial art?
- You haven't heard of it. Whack a guy like this, and he'll be shitting blood.
But how old are you anyway? I was born in 1900.
- I'm from the 1800s. Hold on. Mirabeau is this way, so that way is a long life.
Hey! Hey! Come back! You scoundrel. Don't you have any dignity? Don't you want your name in the history books?
-What nonsense. I want to live a long life.
Your Excellency! Since poor Korea became a colony of Japan, we've become a vibrant industrial economy. ...
"1933 Japanese Concession, Shanghai" The Shanghai Advance, was a sacred war waged to secure peace in Asia. The Imperial Army of Japan crushed foreign forces in only a month.
Things are still a mess after fleeing Shanghai. Still, we have everything we need. The Legislature. The Judiciary. The Executive branch is eating.

Apr 20, 2017

If necessary, can we hurt civilians?
How about Japanese civilians?
-All civilians are innocent. Act like the bullets have eyes.
What's our escape plan?
-That night you take the train to Incheon Then board the Irish ferry for Shanghai at 23:00.
What's 23:00? I thought the clock went up to 12?
-They lengthened it recently.

After General Kim's victory over Japan, Japanese troops took revenge on Koreans living in Manchuria. They killed every man, woman or child they saw.
-Comrade Ahn... you were there? My mother passed away after being shot.
She was fortunate. The others were ripped open with knives, beaten to death with clubs, strangled, burned in fires, buried alive, even boiled in cauldrons. Over 27 days, 3,469 people died. The massacre was led by Kawaguchi Mamoru. He heads the Korea garrison, and leaves soon for Japan.
-Let's not send him back alive.

Apr 20, 2017

You know why Korean pork tastes so good these days?
-Not sure.
They castrate them all. I learned it in agricultural school. Male pigs are hard to control. But if you cut off their balls, they get real tame. And the meat gets nice and tender, too.
-Ah, is that so? This way, here. Ah. But you know, I bet the pigs probably want to keep their balls.
Most likely. The Japanese, it's like they're cutting off Koreans' balls.
It's a marriage of convenience.
-I know, it's how the world works. It's a marriage of lavish benefits.
You know what that pretty bird's name is?
-"Money Girl."
But you're starting to worry me. You keep staring at Money Girl's photo.
The KIP, KRP, JRP, KHC, KCP... 30 independence factions, all fighting with each other. All with different cash sources. That's why they can't cooperate. Everyone's a thief.

Apr 20, 2017

Can't believe this. There goes our reputation, and a river of cash.
Every household has their private tragedies You too, sir. I feel your pain.
There were eight men who sold Korea to Japan, getting rank in return. Their sons decided each should kill one of the other's fathers. People called it the Patricidal Club. And then...
-Do you really think killing those two will bring independence?
In Manchuria, if the roof leaked we didn't fix it. Because we believed we'd go home to a free Korea soon. Will killing those two bring independence? Who knows. But we need to let them know. That we're still fighting. One shouldn't live only for money, like you do.
Is that the hit man Hawaii Pistol? He's after the reward for the gang?
-They say he's Korean. No one's seen his face. He came from Hawaii, and will kill anyone for $300.

Apr 20, 2017

We should visit Hawaii before we die, right?
- Of course. Women walk around there with no clothes on.
Really? Why?
- Because it's hot.
Because it's hot... Sounds like paradise.
You really think you're something. In the end, you're just like me. Did somebody pay you more?
-No. I'm not a whore like you.
If you're gonna sell out, get a high price.
If we leave for the port now, you can take the boat.
-I'm in this to the end.
Forget the operation. Not in your condition.
-It's not about my condition. I went to the Military School for Independence. Get me my Thompson and the bombs Duk-sam left.
Are you some kind of independence fighter? What if people hear you killed a Japanese officer for free? Then the Provisional Government will ask you to join them and order you to kill Japanese for free. What will you do then?
-If you keep farting, sooner or later you'll take a shxt.

Apr 20, 2017

Why'd you betray your comrades? I didn't know. I didn't know we'd be liberated from Japan. If I'd known, would I have done it?
Six Japanese bullets have entered this body. In 1911 I was shot during my attack on the Governor-General. It left two holes. This is from 1922 in Shanghai, this from 1927 in Khabarovsk. 1932, the Itsumoho Bombing. Next to my heart, 1933!
Today Japan declared its formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri. "Provisional Government of Korea, China 1945" The ceremony was held by the head of Japan's army and General MacArthur. Foreign Minister Shigemisu Mamoru has arrived. He was wounded in an assassination attempt by Korean patriot Yun Bong-gil in Shanghai The Japanese war of aggression, which inflicted such ghastly damage to the people of Asia and the world, is finally over.
If he's a spy, kill him.
I like you very much. A born resistance fighter. At times a scholar, and at times a gangster.


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Apr 20, 2017

"Assassination (Hangul: 암살; Hanja: 暗殺; RR: Amsal,)" a suspenseful 2015 South Korean espionage action film on a daring 1933 incident in Seoul between resistance fighters and the poppet government in Korea, an excellent period film that covered the Japanese occupation of Korea era between 1910 to 1945. The plot was set up in the early minutes of the film, filmed in both Shanghai and Seoul with gorgeous costumes and elaborate production sets of historic Shanghai/Hangzhou and Seosomun-ro in Gyeongseong (경 성; 京城.) My only reservation is that the two male actors, Lee Jung-jae and Ha Jung-woo, were made to look too much alike, that it took a while to distinguish them apart. But that might be intentional ...

May 14, 2016

The best Korean movie I've ever watched!

Jan 02, 2016

Pretty decent story of Korean resistance group trying to assassinate key members of Japanese supporters. Great cast, well acted and directed and epic in scale.

Dec 13, 2015

Story about Korean resistance against imperialism.A good film to understand modern conflict among Japan, Korea and China

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