King's Cage

King's Cage

Book - 2017 | First edition.
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Nov 16, 2019

This series is awesome! I really think they should make a movie on at least the first book. Like if you agree.

Nov 10, 2019

Red Queen series book 3

lgmosher Oct 11, 2019

I’m not leaving this place unless I leave behind his corpse—or mine.

I got super excited, but Aveyard let us all down... really hard.

This statement was suppose to mean something and while she had the chance to at least hurt Maven she wouldn't... lame. If you're going to say it, do it.

While I was kinda bored through most of the political garbage (Yes, the entire back end of the book) having Maven back is wonderful!

I'm defiantly team MAVEN!

Now now, I'm not saying I'm team Mare & Maven, defiantly not... she's Cals and it makes sense.

Maven is what held this book through.... also can we talk about where the hell Cameron came from?

We learn two things about her and all of a sudden she's some super important character that we actually don't give two craps about, just saying.

All of the characters except for MAVEN's is underdeveloped. He is the only one I can truly connect with because he's the only one that we see grow, even if it is into darkness.

Aveyard while she is good at fight scenes and battle lacks tremendously as romance.... even with THAT SCENE between Cal and Mare going on I didn't really care, because she hasn't developed either of their characters it didn't hit home like it should. Instead it was more like yeah we they did it... we understand the implications....

that being said the end wasn't as devastating as I think she wanted it to be... because the characters weren't DEVELOPED!

All I want, honestly.... Is more Maven. Though he's young and vile and honestly he is the only character I connect with and simply care about. Mare does all the crap to herself. Pick a brother thats all I'm saying.... and when you do pick a brother don't beat him for trying to do the right things because you don't know what the "right" thing is either.... its all gray sweetie, all gray.

Jul 02, 2019

the third installment of the red queen series was amazing I couldn't put it down and I read it before bed and before I knew it the clock read 12:00 this book will keep you hooked on the action and relationships

May 20, 2019

This book(series) is the BOMB!! It’s legit sad that she is captured and everything but when you get to the end you start to LOVE the book even more! I suggest you read the whole book series and other book by Victoria Aveyard because she is Awesome!

Feb 04, 2019

Okay, so I'll start this review by saying that I wasn't that psyched to read this book. The series just felt like it was getting progressively worse, after Glass Sword. Right before I read this series, I was reading the Throne of Glass series, and I HATED that in the last book you have to read like 400 pages of the main character being kidnapped and tortured by Queen Maeve. So, I certainly wasn't excited for another book like that. However, Aveyard wrote this book pretty well. Also, when I opened this book up, I was terrified. Why? Here's what I saw: Chapter 1. Mare. I was like, "MULTIPLE POV'S? NOOOOOOOOOO! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH LIKE HALF THE BOOK FROM CAL'S PERSPECTIVE! (at the time I hated Cal. Although, actually, now that I think about it, I still do.) I was holding my breath through the first few chapters, terrified that I was going to have to read from Cal's POV. However, when I flipped through it and saw that the other POV was Cameron, I almost screamed in delight. I actually did a happy dance all around my house. Cameron was my favorite character from the last book, and I was worried that she was going to be pushed off to be a background character, like the other Newbloods. However, her power sort of encouraged her to give some AWESOME quotes, and the chapters from her perspective were some of my favorites in the whole series. I also like reading from Evangeline's POV, and learning more about her character. However, one of the main things I didn't like about the book can be perfectly summed up by this Cameron quote: "I want to snap that my priority is to get the heat working in my barracks, not find out how many times Mare used the bathroom today..." I feel like this book was filled with a lot of useless information, especially from Mare's perspective. It could have easily been 100 pages shorter, just by cutting out a lot the descriptions of Mare's time in her room.

Jan 23, 2019

Librarian Reads Challenge 2019

Nov 10, 2018

Insane. So many things happened.

"He truly doesn't know what parts of his mind are his own and what parts were made by her." -Mare. At this part, I thought that there would be some part of Maven that would come back. That the "good" side of him would come through, but due to his mother's actions, that isn't possible.

""The rules of war are clear. Spies are to be dealt with swiftly."
"When you are sick, who do you blame?" I demand. "Your body or the disease?"
He glares down at me and I feel hollow. "You blame the cure that didn't work."" Dude. I really liked this part. It just adds to Maven's growth of maliciousness.

"Monsters are most dangerous when they're afraid." -Mare. More Maven character building. I liked that.

"Now I'm in a king's cage. But so is he. My chains are Silent Stone. His is the crown." -Mare. Daaamn, girl. This was a nice progression in the story, showing how Mare could get out of her current situation more easily than Maven's. Also, I really liked how in Glass Sword Mare was like I'm a sword made of glass and I feel myself beginning to shatter and that was a big part of Mare's character and the feel of the book. And here is similar, Mare's character was built and she's becoming more strong. And in both instances, the titles are referenced.

Thanks for reading.

Aug 06, 2018

I struggled through the first half of this book, but then got engrossed and had to finish it to find out what happened. For me, it was very similar to "Red Queen" in that respect. I actually had to start that book twice before settling into it. It seemed like "Glass Sword" didn't have quite the same problem and kept me interested throughout. We'll see what happens with "War Storm", but regardless I will finish the series because I'm just invested enough that I want to know what happens.

kirstd31 Jun 06, 2018

This book was not that great. I continued reading because I had to see what happened. I feel like I could have started at page 300 and read till the end of the book and would have known was going on. There was so much boring unnecessary content. I will say that I am going to read the last book in the series. I have to see how the story ends. The Red Queen was really good and these last two books have let me down, hopefully the last book is better.

May 31, 2018

"King's Cage" Victoria Aveyard's third book in the "Red Queen" series, and follows up right where "Glass Sword" left off.

In many ways I read this book out of spite. I have read a lot of non-fiction lately and was looking for an engulfing story. The kind of story that "Red Queen" delivered, and that "Glass Sword" absolutely did not. I've never really had such a souring of goodwill the way I did between Aveyard's first and second book.

"Red Queen" felt fresh and alive due to its deeply interesting world building. "Glass Sword" felt dull and mismanaged due to its attempt at character development. What "King's Cage" brings to the table is balance. It is still slowed down by its lackluster characters such as Mare, Cal, Maven, Evangeline, and Cameron. They all read and respond to stimuli the exact same way. There is so very little that sets each character apart. But, the highlights in "Cage" is the return of focus on what makes this series interesting - its world.

Aveyard finally spends some time fleshing out why there is a war going on between he Kingdom of Norta and the Lakelanders. She explains the roots behind the Scarlet Guard. We find out more of the origins of how the Silverbloods gained their powers in the first place. These pieces are easily the most interesting parts of the book.

Also, I have to admit that Aveyard certainly has a way with endings. "Glass Sword" finished with a flourish. "King's Cage" ends with a garbage fire (in the best way.) She knows how to end a book with a scene that makes you instantly need the next one. It's really quite amazing. I spent the better part of this book enduring rather than enjoying it. But after the ending, I can't help but want to get to the next one quickly. I'll probably just endure it as well. But that's fine.

Not all books are everything you hope them to be. This one certainly wasn't either. What I can say is that Victoria Aveyard is a well versed writer with a flair for the dramatic. The universe that the books live in is still interesting. I just wish we could see more of it unfold.

May 01, 2018

I love this book. I love that it includes such a broken main character, which might seem weird, but I appreciate that because so many authors write in settings like this but seem to pass over what the mental health situation would really be like in an environment like this. I also love that despite the fact that there is definite romance-type situations happening, they are not all consuming of the wonderful storyline and strong characters that are also included in this book.

PimaLib_ChristineR Dec 09, 2017

Okay, I read this last month and forgot to write a review so I'm going on my rusty memory here...First: Mare is much less whiny when she's in chains. I finally feel like Aveyard is writing her own world and characters that she believes in. We're into book three now and she's starting to build out characters and create her own storyline instead of trying to patch together The Hunger Games with some other teen dystopian series. Maven keeps Mare locked up like a prize he can't let go while the Scarlet Guard keeps growing. Through the eyes of the new blood that Mare found just before being captured, we're taken inside an organization that is obviously far more organized than either Norta or the Lakelanders believe. Even Evangeline is given a human side!

A book that gives me hope for the future of the series and for Mare and the other characters.

In reading other reviews, especially the one star reviews, I see a lot of valid points about skin-color, adding characters of different sexual orientations, and Aveyard's quite blatant "this will be a movie and you will love my book" attitude. While I do think that these are really important points, I do like to separate the author from the book. No matter how self-serving a plot-arc may be, if it is written well, I'll live with it, and I think Aveyard's writing is actually improving at this point.

Oct 21, 2017

I can't tell you how happy I am to say the pity party in the glass sword is over thank God !

Sep 15, 2017

I liked this book so much more than I liked the second one! There is a lot a more insight into the lives of some of the villains like Maven and Evangeline. The characters are fleshed out a lot more, with their motivations being clear. There's also a lot of political maneuvering in this book, as everyone scrambles to form alliances and build trust. The plot can be frustrating sometimes, but overall the book is a great addition to the Red Queen series.

Sep 10, 2017

I had felt a little let down after reading the Glass Sword and only picked up this book because the cliff-hanger at the end of the second book intrigued me. I'm glad I gave this book a chance. It was so much better than its predecessor. I didn't feel like I was reading the same self-pitying thoughts over and over again, or like I couldn't relate to any of the characters.
I might have liked the first one more still, but I did enjoy this book and am interested to see how the next book of the series turns out.

Aug 23, 2017

This third installment to the “Red Queen” series is probably my favourite so far. Filled with love, action, and heartbreak, it truly is a complete story. This book made me want to scream, cry, and laugh all at once. The ending, like the previous novels, was a cliffhanger that made me want to explode and read the next book ASAP. I cannot wait until the final book in this series is released. Victoria Aveyard, the author, really knows how to captivate the readers with her writing and I think that is why her stories are so good. I would rate this book 5/5 and would highly recommend this book series to anyone.
- @potterhead of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

May 17, 2017

I still love Maven, and i'm so happy he's in this book, even though he has a weird obsession over Mare. But its all good.

Apr 26, 2017



Apr 07, 2017

King’s Cage is the third installment in the Red Queen’s series. I give this book a 5++++ stars. At first I didn’t expect too much out of the novel because I didn’t enjoy the glass sword novel too much and thought it was getting progressively worse. After reading this book I literally have no words to describe how good it is. This book is in POV of different characters but the author did a great job with it and I didn’t get lost once in the novel. First thing I liked about the book is the POV because you read in a lot of other characters shoes. POV made the novel really interesting and I loved how the author put that in the book. This novel shows more of what maven was like which I loved. Some of the wording in the book was absolutely amazing like “To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.” I loved this line. Overall this novel has in depth characters, amazing plot, and beautifully written. @bookreader14 of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

In King’s Cage, Mare has been captured by Maven and is being help in a prison of silent stone. He orders her to be interrogated and forces her to relive her worst memories. When she attempts to escape on her own she is unsuccessful. Mare also learns that the new blood Jon who helped her find Cameron is now working with Maven. Some of the houses attempts to rebel and kill Maven but fail and flee. Maven tries to recruit newbloods and says that the will save them but they are being tricked. Throughout this book, Mare shows her determination and really shows who she is as well as going into Mavens past and how Elara messed with his mind. Mare is forced to give speaches against the scarlet guard and goes on a coronation tour while the scarlet guard brings down a city. Overall I would give this book 3/5 stars because Mare’s point of view is fairly boring and the only interest parts are when you read about what the scarlet guard is doing.
@skybooks of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

*Contains some spoilers*
This is the third book of the Red Queen series. The series is about a girl named Mare Barrow. Her world is torn between red and silver bloods. The silver blooded are noble and have immense power at their fingertips. The red-blooded are poor with no abilities at all. But Mare a red finds out that she has powers like the silvers and the novel revolves around her story. I enjoyed the first and second book so much that I couldn't wait to read this one. It was spectacular just as I expected it to be. We met even more new characters and they were explained so well. There are so many cliffhangers throughout the book that always kept me wanting to read more. I recommend this book to teenagers aged 13-18. I would totally give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.
- @terrificbooklover of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Mar 01, 2017

This was such a long installment and we have yet another to read to get to the end of the series. Very disappointing.

I enjoyed the story for the most part, but way too much time was spent dwelling on Mare as a prisoner.

Interesting choice to switch to the multiple POV. Cameron still does not seem like she was worth the attention. Would have been more interesting to use a newblood we are more familiar with or Farley.

And what has happened to Jon, the seer? Has Aveyard forgotten him? He was like a footnote in this installment. Perhaps he will come back with a vengeance in the fourth book.

bhavikampatel Feb 27, 2017

The start is quite slow but gosh it gets SO GOOD!!!

ACTION, ROMANCE, BETRAYAL, this book has it all (just like the other 2 but still)

The end has left me wanting more but we'll have to wait until 2018 :(

This 3rd book is great. It moves fairly slowly though because she spends so much time in her boring cell, not even trying to escape. But after you get past that point the book is packed with deception, lies, juicy secrets and plot twists. Many plot twists indeed I must say. Without spoiling too much let's just say that people are trying to get Maven off the throne so yeahhh. Definitely looking forward to preorder the next book.

Feb 15, 2017

This was overall a good addition to the series, but some plot points seemed a little repetitive. It kind of felt like I had read it before. I did find the dynamic between Iris and Mare very interesting, and hope there's more of that in the future.

Feb 07, 2017

loved it!! something's annoyed me of course but overall I very much enjoyed it!! looking forward to the last one!!

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