Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade

Blu-ray Disc - 2016 | Blu-ray version.
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Jan 07, 2021

Excellent action scenes. I like to see blood on the blade in a movie that features swordplay. This one didn't disappoint. Same old story about betrayal and the struggle for power but what do you expect from the year 50BC? Go Jackie Go 🥋

Feb 15, 2017

This is an epic, romantic, smart and beautifully written historical story in Han Dynasty (about 2,000 years ago) when the Roman entered into China. The drama was headed by Jackie Chan and John Cusack. Two lovely songs : "Song of Peace" and "Please tell the wind to bring my father Home". Because the battle involved many nations so different languages were spoken in the movie. Recommended.

Jan 09, 2017

My first thought was that the acting was atrocious. Just Adrian Brody alone ruined the movie with the cheesy villain puns and ridiculous hair/costume. Oddly enough I think this was Jackie Chan's best performance. The fighting choreography on the other hand was the high point. They captured many different nation's fighting style with grace and accuracy. But this couldn't offset all the other faults. I could see this movie being red Chinese propaganda. A movie about China's peace with nation that no longer exist. Even now they encroach on the South China Sea putting up missile launchers on land they made with sand.

Dec 19, 2016

PLA spent a lot of money to create this Red Chinese propaganda as they could not do it themselves successfully without Hollywood actors. Communist China has been bullying all its neighbors in east and southeast Asia for a couple of years now. Mao Tse Tung and his Chinese premier Zhou Enlai's con game fooled National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger and Richard M. Nixon who was running for his 1972 re-election so the US can withdraw from the Vietnam Conflict. Nixon proclaimed Red China as a favored nation to trade with so the US will have an ally in containing the USSR. This movie is not subtle enough to depict Red China as the good guys when they have subjugated the people of Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Yunnan and Henan provinces of China. They use every profit they make to build up their military so they can challenge the US 3rd and 7th Fleet in the Pacific Ocean. Boycott all Red China's products and their propaganda movies! God bless USA.

katrina757 Aug 16, 2016

I liked this movie it was really good to see Jackie Chan once again, probably one of the best movies of his so far. Thumbs up!

Apr 14, 2016

An excellent movie in spite of what the critics say! Jackie Chan really shows off his acting ability as well as his fighting skills. The story might be slightly melodramatic, but I enjoyed it just the same. The fighting scenes were very well done. It was a great "good triumphs over evil" movie, even though many of the "good guys" die in the process. I really enjoyed it.

Mar 28, 2016

One of the finest movies I've seen in quite some time. Jackie Chan's personal best IMHO. The fight scenes are epic and the story while predictable still manages to come across convincingly thanks to the stellar performances of the actors involved, especialy John Cusack, who demonstrates a level of talent not normally associated with him. If you liked "Gladiator" you will enjoy this film a great deal. Highly recommended!

msneena25 Mar 10, 2016

This was not one of my fave. Jackie Chan does deliver on his style, but to me does little justice for this movie. I understand (after watching the making of this movie) where they wanted to go with it. But I am a little disappointed in the characters (not so much as acting style) but their portrayal of the person they are acting. Perhaps its because I wasn't shown any type of relationship between main characters and small characters to show some type of bond instead of just mentioning of it on screen. Anyway... Its a one time watch, and no, I would not add this to my movie collection.

Mar 08, 2016

The film depicts events on the Silk Road involving Chinese, Roman, and other countries who travel and protect this region. It was interesting, I was entertained- no Jackie Chan blooper reel- uncharacteristic, but fun!

EuSei Mar 07, 2016

A simple way to describe this movie: Kumbaya Chinese style. There is so much talk of peace, love, understanding, harmony, yada, yada, yada, yet, they have to wage war in order to insure peace. Wow, what a novel concept, ain't it? As Gen. Patton once stated: Perpetual peace is a futile dream. (Because there is an idiot out there who does not want it!) And I'm not even going to go into Adrien Brody's ridiculous 60's curly wig--oh, lord! (And what's with the Asian-looking kid as a roman heir, with another weird blond wig?)Anyway, librarians keep telling us books are harmless, right? Well, in this movie a book actually kills a character!!!

I wonder... is this comment going to be censored on the grounds of "hate speech"? ;-)

coshock Mar 02, 2016

I give this movie 5 stars. Awesome movie. Jackie Chan and John Cusack did a wonderful job. The story line was absolutely fantastic, the choreographed fight scenes were outstanding and sword fighting was phenomenal. It had just enough comedy in it to make you laugh. But had some very serious parts also. Would recommend it to anyone.

Feb 13, 2016

The pseudo-historical script sounded good but with disappointing flow of events that seemed to be a few short films smashed together. Nonetheless, interesting story premise, international cast and nice production sets and costumes.

CMLibrary_gjd Dec 28, 2015

This one was pretty good; all actors acquitted themselves well, especially John Cussack. I had forgotten he could act prior to this. (He would not have been my first pick to play a Roman Legionnaire, I guess too many Rom-Com's under his belt) After watching it a second time, I realized why I enjoy this film so much. Turns out there have ALWAYS been people trying to get along with others. When the group sings after completing their wall, I cried like a baby!!! Let's just get along with each other, OK?!?!??

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